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HRS is a 501 (c3) all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a dual purpose of rescue and education. Donations are tax - deductible.
URGENT!  The bunnies need you to sign these petitions! 
Stop cruelty at "Pel-Freez" - the largest rabbit slaughterhouse in the nation. 
We suggest you do not look at the photos, just sign the petition.
Your signature could lessen the intentionally caused suffering of rabbits destined for the dinner table or fur market. 
Please do this NOW!  Sign petition to Stop Horrific Cruelty at Pel-Freez   

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A Bunny Who Refuses Food Is A Bunny In Crisis!        Click HERE to learn how to deal with this deadly situation.
Pictured are Blossom & Petunia, from the 2009 Stone Co. confiscation.  At that time, they were destined to be slaughtered for meat and fur.  They would've suffered horribly.  They are now safe and much loved.  However, there are many others not so blessed who need you to sign this petition immediately, then share it with others.
Have the Wild Bunnies in Your Yard Really Been Abandoned?
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Have the Wild Bunnies in Your Yard Really Been Abandoned?

Mother cottontails stay away from the nest so they don't attract predators to their babies.  Mom will normally nurse the babies twice a day around dusk and dawn when the least amount of predators are around.  Do not disturb the nest.

You can check to see if mom is returning by putting several strings across the nest in a tic-tac-toe sort of pattern and then checking it the next day.  If the strings have been moved, then mom is coming back.  She scratches away the covering of the nest while hovering over it and looking like she's just eating grass to fool anyone watching.  The babies nurse from underneath.  She then scratches the covering back over the nest and nonchalantly continues grazing as she moves further away from the nest; again to fool any predator watching.  She doesn't know how to put the strings back into place properly so they'll be all messed up.

You can also tell if mom has been there (if it's necessary to handle the babies,) by looking at their tummies.  If they are wrinkled and empty looking, mom has been lost to a predator or a car, etc.  She normally would not desert her babies.   If the tummies are rounded, then she's still around somewhere.   If the tummies are rounded and you have handled the babies, you can put one tiny drop of vanilla or cologne on their foreheads to confuse the human scent.  If you put too much then the predators and ants will smell them. Baby bunnies have no scent to attract either.  Baby bunnies are normally in the nest for about 4 weeks before going off on their own.

If mother rabbit does not return, do NOT attempt to make them pets. They have different needs than domestic rabbits and generally die in captivity.  Take the babies to Wildlife Rehab Clinic. They have moved to High Ridge at 1864 Little Brennan Road, phone: 636-677-3670.   They have a  good cottontail survival rate. Website: http://www.wildliferehabclinic.com/
New bunny parent? We want to help with adjustment problems you may be having. Email: wdaly@sbcglobal.net  Type HELP in the subject line.
We all had questions/problems when we became bunny parents and we are happy to help you with yours. Don't be shy, let us know how we can help!
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READWe have no more room to take unwanted rabbit/s.  However, we are happy to provide anyone with information on how to make things easier in taking care of your rabbit. There are many ways to do this so please check with us to see if there is a way to make it easier for you to keep and care for your rabbit.  All of our educational information is free.

We do not take sick or chronically ill bunnies in need of veterinarian care because we do not have the funds, in-house expertise or a staff that can care for ill rabbits.  We are not a "sanctuary" facility.  Please consider the care-giving commitment you made to the bunny when you acquired, rescued or purchased him/her.  Your furry dependents need you to honor your commitment to them.

If you absolutely will not keep your rabbit(s,) please take him/her/them to the Humane Society of Missouri or local shelter or county animal control. Please do not release them into the wild. They are not the same as wild cottontails and will NOT survive.   Your domestic rabbit will quickly be killed horribly by a predator, be run over by a car, or die from parasites, weather, lack of food/water, etc. These are domestic rabbits.  They are not descended from wild rabbits and are NOT equipped to live in the wild.  They stand NO chance of survival. 

Bunnies advertised as "free to good home" or listed on places like Craig's List will likely become a human dinner, snake food, training bait for a dog, stuffed into an outside hutch, or turned into a child's toy (not in a good way).  Please think about your rabbit's safety and well-being.   Contact us for info on how to make caring for your bunny easier and fun!  314-995-1457  mo_hrs@hotmail.com  

Missouri House Rabbit Society - St. Louis
P.O. Box 6362, Chesterfield, Missouri 63006-6362, USA   
Phone: 314-995-1457   
Email:  mo_hrs@hotmail.com  

2017 Rabbit Rescue Calendars
Almost Gone!

We just have a few calendars still  available at our Bunny House Shelter.  If you haven't gotten one yet, be sure to get yours before they are gone!

Calendars purchased "in person" are only $12 each.

Thank you to all of you who purchased calendars and to the businesses that helped sell them at their locations throughout the area.


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Want a bunny to love?

Do NOT go to a pet  or farm supply store or breeder! 
Call us: 314-995-1457 or email us an Adoption Questionnaire. 

Buying animals from pet stores or breeders adds to the tragedy of pet overpopulation. 

Instead of buying a bunny, check out our adorable buns available for adoption!  We have all sizes and all ages. 

Be sure to check out our awesome bigger buns too!

Bunnies  Adoptable
~  Thank You!  ~
Thank you to all who helped close out 2016 and made a donation to our Tilt campaign. 

Because we are a 100% volunteer organization, every penny of your donation will help the bunnies. Donations can be made at any time via our PayPal button on our website at http://www.hrsmostl.org/ .  Your help means more bunnies are saved and helped to find furever homes.

Another bunny went to his new home on Saturday. The photos show three of the six buns we took in this past week. Alistair is an English Lop from an ugly breeder situation. He is only six months old so he didn't spend as much time in a tiny, filthy, wire floored breeder cage as Sedgewick, our other English Lop boy, yet he already has an ear infection and weepy eyes.  Sedgewick has ragged ear edges from dragging his long ears on a wire floor for all of his 2 & a half years and a worse ear infection, yet both instantly loved having attention and nose rubs.  Alistair has a huge appetite which is evident in the photo, but he also still has some growing to do. 

Lang & Syne are both Lionheads. Although they are different ages and one is altered while the other is not, they appear fully bonded. Syne is a bit shyer and didn't want to come out of his new hiding place for a photo, but they are both still sweet tempered in spite of being placed in a box by a large dumpster to be taken away as trash.  Thank goodness they were found first!  We're sure someone will appreciate them the way they should be loved when they're ready for adoption. Thank you for helping us help them and thank you for giving us a bright start for 2017.  

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