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HRS is a 501 (c3) all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a dual purpose of rescue and education. Donations are tax - deductible.

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A Bunny Who Refuses Food Is a Bunny In Crisis!       
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If you have a bunny in your family and would like more information on rabbit care and behavior, please contact us to set up an orientation on rabbit care and behavior. 

We can promise you information you never knew.  Even bunny caregivers of 20 years have told us they learned a lot. 

These sessions are provided free on Mon - Thur evenings at 7pm and Saturdays/Sundays at 1pm, but appointments are needed.  

Have a bunny question?  E-mail us at mo_hrs@hotmail.com

~  Warm Weather Hazards for Pet Rabbits  ~

Rabbits can not sweat.  The only way they have to release heat is from the large veins in their ears.  Be VERY careful about exposing rabbits to heat outside, in your home, car etc.  If you must transport your bunny in hot weather, put ice packs in the pet carrier with bunny to help keep cool during trip.    Bunnies quickly die from overheating.

Inside, move bunny crates away from windows and direct sunlight.  Keep bunny in a cooler room.  A room temperature of 80 degrees or above is dangerous for rabbits.  If your A/C breaks down, move bunny to safe, cool, dry basement area until repairs are complete.  If not possible, repeatedly put cold water on your bunny's ears, making sure it doesn't run down into the ear canal.   Have frozen bottles of water ready for this emergency. Put them in with bunny as some rabbits will lie next to the bottles or will straddle them trying to cool down.  You will also need to take his/her temperature periodically and make sure it remains in normal range. HRS can teach you how to do this safely. Email  tomjoygioia@sbcglobal.net  or call 314-995-1457 for info.

Another option is to call your bunny vet or MOHRS to inquire about boarding your bunny in a safer environment until the dangerous situation is over.  Click HERE for our veterinarian page to inquire about emergency boarding.  Email  tomjoygioia@sbcglobal.net  or call 314-995-1457 to inquire about emergency boarding with MOHRS.

Warm weather concerns : http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/warm-weather.html
Fly Strike -  a life threatening situation:
One of the many reasons rabbits should be "houserabbits", but even bunnies who never go outside can have this happen.  All it takes is one fly to get inside your house.  Learn how to prevent it:  http://www.rabbit.org/journal/2-12/fly-strike.html                                                                  

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Solar Eclipse Party: Monday, August 21st.

Yoga with Bunnies: Saturday, September 9th.

Bingo: Saturday, October 7. (Details coming)
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Domestic rabbits lack the survival instincts wild rabbits use to fend for themselves. They become food for everything from raccoons and dogs to crows and hawks.  The "lucky" ones who don't get eaten, get run over by cars or die from heat, cold or disease. Please before getting a bunny - or abandoning one: Visit www.rabbit.org

If you absolutely will not keep your rabbit/rabbits, please take him/her/them to the Humane Society of Missouri or local shelter or county animal control.

Please do not release them into the wild. They are not the same as wild cottontail rabbits and will NOT survive. Your domestic rabbit will quickly be killed horribly by a predator, be run over by a car, or die from parasites, weather, lack of food/water, etc. These are domestic rabbits.  They are not descended from wild rabbits and are NOT able to live in the wild.  They stand NO chance of survival! 

Bunnies advertised as "free to good home" or listed on places like Craig's List will likely become a human dinner, snake food, training bait for a fighting dog, stuffed into an outside hutch and neglected, or turned into a child's toy (not in a good way). 

Please think about your rabbit's safety and well-being.   Contact us for info on how to make caring for your bunny easier and fun!  314-995-1457  mo_hrs@hotmail.com  

Again, if you absolutely can not keep your rabbit/rabbits, do the humane, responsible thing and take him/her/them to the Humane Society of Missouri, your local shelter or county animal control.