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Missouri House Rabbit Society - St. Louis
P.O. Box 6362, Chesterfield, Missouri 63006-6362, USA    Phone: 314-995-1457    Email:  
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This site last updated: 5/19/2016
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Click HERE for valuable info on rabbits and to locate a House Rabbit Society chapter in your area.

National Website
HRS is a 501 (c3) all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a dual purpose of rescue and education. Donations are tax - deductible.
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URGENT!  The bunnies need you to sign these petitions immediately! 

Stop cruelty at "Pel-Freez" -
the largest rabbit slaughterhouse in the nation. 

We suggest you do not look at the photos, just sign the petition.

Your signature could lessen the intentionally caused suffering of rabbits
destined for the dinner table or fur market. 
Please do this NOW!  Sign petition to Stop Horrific Cruelty at Pel-Freez   
Want a bunny to love?
Do NOT go to a pet  or farm supply store or breeder! 
Call us: 314-995-1457 or email us an Adoption Questionnaire. 

Buying animals from pet stores or breeders adds to the tragedy of pet overpopulation.  Instead of buying a bunny, check out our adorable buns available for adoption!  We have all sizes and all ages.  Be sure to check out our awesome bigger buns too!

Bunnies  Adoptable

Bunny House Shelter bunnies would love to have "Cottontail Cottages" in which to play while they await their
forever homes. 

For a discounted price, you can donate
a Set of 2 Cottages to be shipped directly
to the Bunny House Shelter! 

Click on Cottontail Cottage, then choose Missouri House Rabbit Society, St. Louis
as your charity of choice. 
The bunnies thank you!
~ Attention Shoppers ~
3 ways to help bunnies just by shopping!

#1  - Visit our Bunny Shop

#2  - Amazon shoppers:
Use and select House Rabbit Society of Missouri as your selected charity.  Amazon makes donations directly to the charities selected according to people's purchases.  You'll be earning a donation to MOHRS by simply shopping!

#3  - Visit our Buy to Benefit MOHRS page. 
The businesses listed donate to MOHRS, St. Louis or other bunny rescues.  Shop and help bunnies at the same time - how fun!  Click Buy to Benefit MOHRS  for info and links.

Love bunnies? Join MOHRS

Click HERE for
Our newsletter with bunny tips and fun stuff!
A Bunny Who Refuses Food Is A Bunny In Crisis!        Click HERE to learn how to deal with this deadly situation.
New bunny owners: We want to help with adjustment problems you may be having.  Email:  Type HELP in the subject line. We all had questions/problems when we became bunny parents and we are happy to help you with yours. Don't be shy, let us know how we can help!
Your help is needed immediately! - Say NO to HB 1969! 
Click link below to easily send message to your representatives.
Jefferson City is looking at a horrible bill called HB 1969 which would leave abused/neglected animals
WITH the abusers rather than allowing them to be placed with rescues during the disposition trial. 
If the owner was abusing the animals in the first place, what sense would it make, and how could
you help the suffering animal, if it was left with the abuser during the months it might take to come
to trial?  The Humane Society of MO link below is an extremely easy way to send your message
to your reps that you are AGAINST HB 1969.
MOHRS "Bunny Expo 2016"
Sunday, June 5th -  11am to 4pm
Free Admission - Free Parking
Held at:  Humane Society of MO
1201 Macklind Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110
(first stoplight west of the St. Louis Science Center)

The ideal event for those with pet bunnies and those considering one.  Be sure to bring bunny to the Expo (in a carrier).
This is our biggest event of the year...don't miss it!
(Questions?  Call: 314-995-1457 or Email:
Here's just a few of the many fun activities and items available at the Bunny Expo:
Meet bunnies who are available for adoption!  ~  FREE nail trims for all bunnies  ~  Health exams only $50 by Dr. Linda Beisswenger of Hope Animal Hospital (starts at noon)  ~  Photos of bunnies and their humans  ~  Free education about bunnies  ~  Hands-on training on picking up bunny and developing your relationship with bunny  ~  Hay, Pellets, Treats, Litter, Supplies  ~  Your favorite bunny toys from The Busy Bunny, Oxbow, Leith Petwerks and more  ~  Fantastic items for bunny parents too!  It can be hard to find safe, quality products for your bunny.   Come to the Bunny Expo and stock up on all your bunny needs!

Pictured are Blossom & Petunia, from the 2009 Stone Co. confiscation.  At that time, they were destined to be slaughtered for meat and fur.  They would've suffered horribly.  They are now safe and much loved.  However, there are many others not so blessed who need you to sign this petition immediately, then share it with others.