Interested in being a bunny parent?


Outreach Coordinator:  Marjorie Manahan  636-498-0662       Asst. Outreach Coordinator:  Mary Stillman  636-394-7613
When considering adopting a Missouri HRS bunny, we require your name, address, telephone number, and email address to send you an Adoption Questionnaire. A completed questionnaire must be reviewed to determine potential placement of any bunnies.
Detailed information about the adoption process is included with the adoption questionnaire. 

Our list of bunnies available for adoption is constantly changing due to adoptions, rescues, and buns being added to our "waiting list"-- buns looking for a new home that are not currently in a Missouri HRS foster home. When interested in a particular bunny that you have seen on Petfinder, please call or email us and have the bunny's name, description etc. handy when you call or include it in your email.
Our Adoption Fee is $85.00 for one rabbit or $125.00 for a pair.

This minimal fee includes:

Your new furry, forever friend/family member.  One of the sweetest and funniest furkids you will ever have!

A rabbit that has had a well-bunny vet check from a veterinarian specializing in rabbits, has been spayed or neutered, socialized, and litter box trained (or started on litter box training).  Please note that a spay/neuter from a veterinarian truly knowledgeable on rabbits generally runs $250 to over $300.

One year $20.00 membership in the Missouri HRS entitles you to receive important bunny updates.

National House Rabbit Society site, where you will find a wealth of helpful information on caring for your new bunny.

Support from the local St. Louis chapter members, via phone or email, website and available monthly rabbit friendly meetings. 
Whom will you call when your bunny has a problem?  We can match you with an experienced bunny owner who will be your support person.  Sometimes, it's just nice to "talk bunny" with someone who can relate. Be assured there are no questions too trivial to ask and no problems we haven't faced.  We've learned from our experiences and want to help you. This is not to replace the care of a
qualified rabbit veterinarian, but simply to help you through the normal daily issues of being bunny parents.
To get a Buddy Bunny, email us:

Discounts on supplies, food, nail trims etc., some of which are listed below: 

FREE Nail Trims at meetings or Joy's house
FREE Hair Trims on Angora bunnies
Bunny Boarding
APD Timmy
Kaytee Exact
Kaytee Timothy Complete Pellets
Purina PLUS 
Oak pellet litter

Are you a knowledgeable bunny parent, over the age of 16?

Could you spend a couple of hours
talking to people
about the joy of having
a pet bunny?

Could you give them correct information about such things as:
- hay & food
- housing & litter
- rabbit veterinarians
- tooth care
- keeping bunnies 
- dangers of outdoor 
- importance of spays
& neuters etc?

If so, we need you!
Please call Marjorie
at 636-734-3964
Adoption Dates and Locations
(Please call numbers listed for directions to specific stores.)

If after visiting the links above, you are interested in adopting a bunny (or two) please visit our Bunnies - Adoptable page to see wonderful bunnies who are available for adoption!
To email us your Adoption Questionnaire:
We have wonderful bunnies of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Up ears, lop ears, light, dark, solid, spotted.

Brown eyes, ruby eyes, long-haired, short-haired ... little dwarf bunnies to giant bunnies.

Each with his/her own individual personality.

You're sure to find the bunny of your dreams!
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~ August  2015 ~
Please note:  We do not do same day adoptions from outside locations.  All adoptions must take place at our shelter.


Saturday, August 8th:
11 am - 4 pm   13957 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, 63011   

Saturday, August 15th:
11 am - 4 pm    62 Brentwood Promenade Ct., Brentwood, 63144  

Saturday, August 22nd:
11 am - 4 pm    262 THF Blvd., Chesterfield, 63005   


Sunday, August 9th:
Noon - 4 pm    439 Lafayetter Ctr., Ballwin, 63011  636-527-7877

Sunday, August 23rd:
Noon - 4 pm   12519 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur 63141  314-205-1337

Thinking of adopting a rabbit? 
Learn about rabbit care:

Easter & Real Rabbits – A Bad Choice

Rabbit Care Videos
We have beautiful, sweet big bunnies, waiting for loving homes.  For information or to set up a visit, call: 314-995-1457 or Email: 
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