The Missouri HRS is entirely funded by donations and fundraising efforts. The care of foster bunnies is an out-of-pocket expense to the foster home, with the exception of medical treatment. For this reason, our biggest needs are monetary gifts, item donations, foster homes, and general volunteers, particularly those with fundraising experience.

To help direct those wishing to make a donation, we have compiled a "Bunny Begging List" of needed items. Although some items may be "big ticket" one-time purchases, the majority are food and care necessities used for day-to-day operations. Your donations are greatly appreciated!


For Eating
- Gift certificates to grocery stores such as Dierbergs, Schnucks, Shop N' Save, WalMart
- Gift certificates to American Pet Diner ( )
- Donations of fresh produce such as: Parsley, Cilantro, Kale, Deep green lettuces (NOT Iceberg lettuce), Baby Carrots, Large 
Carrots with green carrot tops attached, Apples, Bananas, Seedless Grapes (seeds are not good for bunny digestive system).

For the Litterbox
- "Yesterday's News" cat litter
- "Carefresh" soft pet litter for newly spayed/neutered rabbits

For Cleaning
- White vinegar
- Heavy duty paper towels
- Unscented laundry softener
- Biz or OxyClean stain remover
- Heavy duty lawn and garden trash bags

For Our Cages
- Towels, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, comforters, Cotton throw rugs
- Heavy ceramic food and water bowls
- Extra large litter pans and covered cat pans
- Ceramic tiles (12", 14", or 16")

For Play
- Hard plastic toddler, cat, or bird toys such as keys, plastic balls, links
- Non-toxic wood and rope bird toys
- Wicker rings or straw mats for small pets
- Untreated and unpainted wicker, willow, or straw baskets
- Cardboard paper towel tubes (with no glue residue), plain or stuff with good hay
- Cardboard oatmeal boxes with both ends cut out, label removed and no plastic, use plain or stuff with good hay

Housing Needs
- 24", 30" or 36" metal puppy exercise pens
- Metal 42" & 48" dog crates with solid pan floors
- Cat or small dog carriers that open at the front and top

Medical Needs
- Gift certificates to Hope Animal Hospital in Fenton ( )

For Our Education and Adoption Efforts
- First class postage stamps for newsletter mailing
- Professional/semi-professional digital camera
- High level video camera/camcorder
- Printing services (1500 pieces black and white and/or 500 pieces color)
- Brochure & literature display stands for use at educational fairs
- Heavy duty copy machine
- Gas cards (for the many trips to/from vet office, shelters, educational events, supply pick ups, etc)
- A shelter building of our own

If you would like to make a monetary donation to purchase a particular item, please notate the item(s) you are wishing to purchase on your check. When making a donation, please check with your employer for company matching policies. Your donation may be matched by your employer as part of this program. Contributions to Missouri HRS are tax-deductible.
You may donate to the bunnies by check to the PO Box address or through our Paypal account.

The bunnies thank you for any and all donations!

Missouri House Rabbit Society
Saint Louis Area
P.O. Box 6362
Chesterfield, Missouri 63006
Phone: 314-995-1457

Your comments are welcome at
HRS MO St. Louis
Donations.... How you can help!
Donations of time, imagination and energy are also always needed and much appreciated!

Please see "Volunteer Opportunities" page for how you can help!
Monetary donations, gift cards etc. may be sent to the PO Box listed on homepage. However, fresh produce and many of the other needed items can be brought to the main foster home.  Call 314-995-1457 or email with questions or to get directions etc. Thanks!
ACT NOW! See our "Crowdtilt" rabbit rescue shelter pledge campaign.