~   Elaine Moser  ~

To all of our members and friends,

It is with great sadness that I have to let you know about the passing of one of our premier members, board of director member, and friend, Elaine Moser. 

Most of you will associate Elaine with always being at our monthly meetings, arriving first to make sure the doors were open and then trimming your bunnies' nails.  When she first joined our group, Elaine did not know how to trim bunny nails, but she saw a need for it and learned how to do it.

That exemplifies what Elaine was all about.  She saw needs and quietly filled them.  She saw a need for newcomer packets and produced them.  She saw a need for "Bunny Buddies" and started the program to pair new adopters with mentors.  She saw a need for letting people know we understood and sympathized when their beloved bunnies passed and wrote sympathy cards.  Donors and sponsors received thank-you notes.  She mailed copies of our newsletter, The Happenings, to members who lacked computers.  She happily complied when asked to be on the board of directors and was present at every meeting.  When she no longer had the strength to trim nails, she asked how she could be useful and collected money at the Bunny Spa at the Expo.  If you won a pet stroller or bunny lamp at the Expos or Boutiques, Elaine had purchased and donated them.  Just a week ago, she called from The White Rabbit, excited to tell us she had purchased charming items for our Nov. 3 Holiday Animal Boutique. 

Elaine was often at our foster home.  When she saw a need for an extra person to help with care & feeding on Thursday nights, she filled it.  Even on the Thursday night before she died, she came to cuddle bunnies although she needed her husband, Don, to drive her.  That was Elaine.  She didn't let her health issues interfere with what she felt needed to be done. 

Elaine was instrumental in helping us acquire our new shelter building.  It makes me so happy that she was able to see us realize that dream and be a part of it. 

Most of you don't know this story about Elaine and our Rabbit Rescue Calendar.  Elaine took extreme pride in the calendar and single-handedly sold dozens every year.  When we produced our first issue in 2005, Elaine came to me and said, "Do you know that our calendar has been sent to six of the seven continents in the world?"  She had sent a calendar to her husband's brother in Africa and was curious to find out where else it had gone. She told me Antarctica was the only continent that hadn't received a calendar, so she decided to get one there.  I didn't believe that was possible, but Elaine was undaunted.

With her many friends and connections, she found a person in Colorado who knew a scientist stationed at the Antarctic research center.  She wrote to the lady, asking if she liked bunnies and would like to receive a bunny calendar.  Lo and behold, the lady said she'd love to have a calendar.  The next thing I knew, Elaine was showing me photos of the scientist with the calendar hanging on the wall above her desk.  That wasn't the only photo.  The same scientist had herself photographed outside the station holding our calendar next to the REAL South Pole!  Now the real South Pole is not what you'd expect; the continent shifts so the actual pole point also shifts, and the official marker is a mobile device.  To provide us with something that would look more dramatic, the scientist had a photo taken of herself holding our calendar next to the ceremonial South Pole - a big, thick, red pole.  Bottom line, you could never underestimate Elaine.

Besides taking care of us, Elaine volunteered at Sappington House and maintained close relationships with family and friends - and Elaine had lots of family and friends.  I am deeply grateful that I was able to call Elaine my friend and that, being the kind and wonderful person she was, many, many people could truly call Elaine their friend.  I am very, very sure that her own bunnies, Mary Queen of Spots and later Hopscotch were waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge along with all the bunnies that Elaine took time to befriend at the foster home and who passed before her.   

Dearest Elaine, we will truly miss you and the many kindnesses you showed to everyone and everybun.

With loving memories,
Joy Gioia, chapter manager

HRS MO St. Louis

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