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         Getting a little ear rub                     HRS educational booth                                    Joy being introduced by local DJ

Joy as featured speaker on rabbit issues such as general care, adoptions, health etc.
It doesn't get much better than this - rabbit friendly meetings!  Bring your buns with you to the meetings.  Great socialization time for the buns and for the humans.
Learn more about rabbit care, help plan events etc.
A few photos from some of our Holiday Bunny Boutiques
Family portraits are always popular!
Dottie Wabbit and Tasha Lovelump attempt to hide from Santa.
Here Joy enjoys Christmas
cuddles with Jar Jar, a sweet, boy who is now at Rainbow Bridge.
Rabbit lovers come in all ages.
A cute Dutch bun relaxes with Santa.
Just a few of the many wonderful handmade items for humans and rabbits for sale at the Holiday Boutique.
Can you find the bunny?
What a cute little bunny tushy!
Photo's from some of our many Bunny Expo's!
PetsMart Adoption Program (Sunset Hills)
House Rabbit Society Meeting
with Bunnies in charge!
HRS MO St. Louis
A Few Photos From A MOHRS Bunny Expo
Bringing Bunny to the Expo.
Shopping & hoping to win some great raffle items.
The ever important Bunny Nail Trim.
Bunny toymakers busy at work!
Education and fun with bunnies.
Educational displays on product safety.

  At the end of the day, this is what it's all about.
Another very successful
Bunny Expo.

Thanks to all who made it possible!