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Ruby Angel
Ruby Angel Update: 
Your kindness and generosity put smiles on the faces of many downtrodden women during the holidays.  You donated so much used clothing and other new and used items that we made dozens of trips to unload it all at the women"s crisis center.  More donations poured in from the public when Ruby Angel's story was picked up by the websites of USA Today and AOL Paw Nation. Today, Ruby Angel is living safe and loved in one of our foster homes.  As you know, we acccepted the bunny from an abused, homeless woman who begged us to keep Ruby Angel safe, warm and well-fed.  But you may not know that when we took Ruby Angel for her health exam and spay, we learned that she had uterine cancer!  Blessedly, the cancer had not spread, so the spay saved her life. 
Bless you all for providing a wonderful ending to this Christmas story!