As our organization becomes more noticed by the public, we receive requests to host groups that want to visit our shelter, and requests to take our bunnies off-site to events. We try to fill the requests because they are opportunities to show people that bunnies are lovable and loving companions but we are dependent on volunteers. We are already receiving requests for Easter events. The list below is all the things we did in 2016. We try to educate the public as much as possible about bunnies plus hold fundraisers to support our bunnies. Requests for 2017 will be a little different but many of the major events will be the same. We also rely on volunteers to help at the shelter, foster bunnies, make vet runs, etc. Are there ways to volunteer that appeal to you? Do any events in the list interest you?

If interested, please send a message to Joy Gioia and copy to Marjorie Manahan.
Joy: tomjoygioia@sbcglobal.net  Marjorie: mkmanahan@gmail.com

Mar 16 - Brown Macke College - teach rabbit portion of vet tech class
Mar 19 - Dierberg's Easter Fair
Mar 19 - Missouri Botanical Garden - Eggstravaganza
Mar 19 - O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce
Mar 19 - Clayton City Park Egg Hunt
Mar 20 - Delmar Gardens West senior living center
Mar 20 - Faith Family Church Easter Event, Shiloh, IL
Mar 23 - Fenton Chamber of Commerce Easter Egg Hunt
Mar 24 - Friendship Village - senior living center
Apr  13 - Central Conversations - downtown main St. Louis Library - topic - Pet Advocacy (panel discussion - 3 panel members and audience questions)
Apr  14 - Humane Society of Missouri Club Hope
Apr  14 - Green Trails Elementary School
Apr  16 - Veterinary Students University of Missouri Open House - rabbit information
Apr  30 - Mutt-i-grees training and information regarding children and the community
May   1 - 5K run/walk
Jun    1 - Fenton Chamber of Commerce Business Fair - explain to community what we do
Jun    3 - radio show
Jun    5 - Bunny Expo - our major educational event of the year open to the public
Jun   11- Eureka Celebration - rescue groups participation to explain their work
Jun   13- Ballwin Elementary School
Jun   22- Brown Macke College - teach rabbit portion of vet tech class
Jul    13- Eureka Elementary Adventure Club
Jul    22- Gene Slay Girls and Boys Club (inner city group - 3 sessions for different ages)
Aug    2- Ellisville Elementary
Sep  14- Brown Macke College - teach rabbit portion of vet tech class
Sep  17- Midwest Bunfest in Columbus, OH (volunteers made toys and traveled to this huge event to raise funds for MO HRS) 
Sep  18- WI HRS presentation on Preventing Aggressive Rabbits and Dealing with Aggressive Rabbits (Madison, WI)
Oct   22- Bingo Night - a fun event to raise funds to pay down our mortgage
Oct   24- Lego Robotics Challenge  (children doing project based on human/animal relationships and focusing on rabbits)
Nov    5- Cleaning Day at the shelter -  cleaning building, power washing cages, and more
Nov 5/6- Amazing Pet Expo - booth for educating the public, on-stage presentation re rabbits as animal companions, on-stage twice as panel participant re animals/community
Nov  11- Kirk Day School presentation
Nov  13- Holiday Bunny Boutique at the Bunny House
Nov 29 - Villa di Maria Montessori school
Dec   1- Girl Scouts visit shelter - Troop 1655 from House Springs Elementary
Dec   9- Brown Macke College - teach rabbit portion of vet tech class 
Dec     - Rescue Me Christmas Campaign - KY98
Dec 28 - Pond Elementary School  - Kids as Helpers project

Daily/nightly - care of the bunnies in our shelter
Litter box cleaning - every Tuesday
Cage cleaning - every Friday/Saturday
Monthly - 3 area Petsmart stores twice monthly  (total 6 visits per month to mostly provide educational information
Meetings on the Illinois side and St. Louis side for members and the public
Reaching out and setting up appointments for people interested in adoption
Two hour orientation on rabbit care and behavior for every adopter
14,000+ volunteer hours yearly at the Bunny House, out shelter/adoption center in Fenton
Special training for volunteers in education
Special training for rescue volunteers
39 rabbits abandoned outdoors were caught and rescued by our volunteers
249 rabbits total rescued
210 adopted
Finalization of requirements to start our building addition  

We are a 100% volunteer organization.  Do you love bunnies?  Come join us!
HRS MO St. Louis